Knowing More About Epoxy Flooring

It’s natural for homeowners to want strong, smooth, and shiny floors. But not all types of flooring can give you all that with the least possible maintenance required. If you’re still searching, then you’ve got to try epoxy floors. It may just be what you’ve been looking for all along.

Whether or not this is the first time that you heard about epoxy floors, now is the best time to learn about it! It pays to have adequate knowledge about this type of flooring before you go out there and get an epoxy bathroom floor.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Simply defined, epoxy flooring is a type of floor that’s covered with several layers of epoxy. Two millimeters of epoxy coating, at the very least, will have to be added to the floor. The epoxy used here is a type substance made up of hardeners and resins. These two components are mixed together to produce a strong plastic material that’s highly resistant to deterioration. Epoxy bonds very well to concrete, which is why it is commonly installed in patios, garages, and basements.

There are different types of epoxy flooring and if you intend to use them in any part your home, there’s one that will suit your needs most. Some of the choices you have are the following:

1. The self-dispersing type

This type of epoxy flooring this is fairly strong, which is why it is the highly preferred floor for use in high traffic areas. If you classify any part of your house as a heavily used space, then this is the type that you must install.

2. Self-dispersing with quartz sand

What’s so good about epoxy flooring is that you can add other elements to it to make it more functional. For this type, quartz sand is used. If added to the self-dispersing epoxy coating, you’re actually adding anti-slip properties to the floor.

3. The self-leveling type

The self-leveling type of epoxy floors is the one that’s usually installed in dining rooms, kitchens, and most other interior parts of the house. This type is very smooth and easy to clean, which means caring for your floors becomes a simple task.

4. The mortar type

The mortar type also produces a very strong epoxy floor. That’s the reason why it’s used to repair the cracks in the cement. This type is usually applied as a primer, before adding another type of epoxy flooring.

5. The graveled type

If you’re looking for the most ornamental type of epoxy floor, then this is the one that you’re looking for. It’s not very hard to install and also comes with its own anti-slip features. A lot of homeowners install this type in their garage.

6. The terrazzo type

Terrazzo epoxy floors are also very ornamental and decorative. This type is usually applied in the large spaces of a home, like the living room. It’s also ideal for commercial use, like in halls and grand ballrooms.

These are the most common types of epoxy floors and if you intend to install one in your home, choose any one from these options. To be perfectly sure with the results of the project, be sure to consult with an experience epoxy flooring contractor.

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